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Wolfe Tone Park Community

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The Battle Continues Over The Future Of Wolfe Tone Park

In recent months, the Wolfe Tone Park community has upped its campaign to have the cold, concrete space returned to its previous state: a pleasant, welcoming green oasis for the city. And so far, the group – which is made up of residents of the Wolfe Tone Street/Jervis Street area – has had some success. more »

Tone Deaf

After years of Dublin City Council (DCC) vandalism and neglect, its senior management has conceded that the current layout of Wolfe Tone Park has not worked, and redevelopment is being considered.
But are DCC capable of appropriately redeveloping the park; and, can they be trusted to? more »

A Community Group Struggles To Revive Wolfe Tone Park

Everyone agrees that Wolfe Tone Park needs a bit of TLC. Home to the council’s portable staff toilets, its hard, dull appearance does little to entice people in. Now, because of worries about its future, the local residents have formed the Wolfe Tone Park Community group. more »

Turn 'hostile' Wolfe Tone plaza into a park again, says councillor Mannix Flynn.

THE former park at Wolfe Tone Square should be restored as a green space featuring its ancient grave stones, a city councillor has argued. more »

Dublin anti-Bid drive claims 500 signatures against ‘double tax’ Petition attracts backing from local business.

Hundreds of businesses have signed a petition protesting the “double taxation” imposed by mandatory payments to the Dublin Business Improvement District (Bid) and seeking a means to leave the organisation. The BID, established in 2007 is branded “We Are Dublin Town”. more »

Park Life

Green spaces are often converted to ‘hard’ spaces as local authorities find them easier to maintain. Eyre Square and Wolfe Tone park are unfortunate manifestations of the tendancy. more »